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Becoming a shepherd

On holiday you can decide to be or to become anything, even ... a shepherd for a day.

Abruzzo is the ideal region to have an authentic experience of this kind. It is perfectly suited to the visitor who loves the real tastes and smells of nature and the mountains.

Sheep farming is an activity that lives on in Abruzzo thanks to the passionate determination of those few people who continue to follow a deeply rooted tradition by taking their flocks to the mountains and using their knowledge and skills to make the most excellent foodstuffs out the high-quality milk that comes from sheep that graze on high mountain pastures. 

Full day (7/8 hours maximum)


Abruzzo’s oldest art form …


Meet in Piazza Capograssi (on Mondays, Tuesdays Thursdays, Fridays, Sundays), Sulmona. Meet in V. XXV Aprile near the basketball stadium (on Wednesdays and on Saturdays). 


Arrive at the agritourism centre in Anversa degli Abruzzi, jewel of the Sagittarius Valley (Valle del Sagittario).

After a walk together and then a visit to the centre with Manuela, we are shown how to transform newly obtained sheep’s milk into canestrato cheese. We experience the sensation of extracting the cheese with our own hands when it is still soft and tasting it when it is still warm …

This is a journey of the senses, moving from sight, though smell and touch, and finally to taste …

In fact, before lunch we go on a guided “taste journey”, tasting cheese, sausages and other products offered by the centre.


We partake of a communal meal with the establishment’s own produce – cheeses, cold cuts, assorted bruschettas, and various other “accompaniments” including wine and coffee.


After saying our goodbyes to Manuela and her staff, we go on a tour of Scanno, one of the most beautiful and evocative villages in the Sagittarius Valley (Valle del Sagittario) with its famous heart-shaped lake. The place’s ancient traditions still exist, the buildings still have their old austere beauty and many of the women still wear their local costume with pride.  All this lends an unforgettable charm to this mountain village. We are taken back to past ages and it is almost as though time has stood still.

We stop at the lake for photos (and selfies?) and some local sweet or savoury titbits.  


Group photos and return to Sulmona.



request adults

request children

Free up to 5 years of age



The price includes:

- Bilingual (Italian/English) fully qualified guide (whole day service)

- Half-day visits to the places shown on the programme

- Traditional aperitif and lunch and cooking class (4/5 hours)

- Insurance cover 

The price does not include:

- Any additional visits

- Tips or possible small ‘extras’ 

Dress advice: comfortable and informal.

Groups: small mixed Italian/non-Italian groups of 4 minimum, 15 maximum. Period: July-September.

Time of week: usually Friday/Saturday/Sunday, but also possibly other days on request with a minimum of 5 people.

Booking: at least 72 hours before start of visit.

Place of departure: Sulmona.

N.B.: Our guides are normally chosen from our regional lists and are always subject to rigorous checking procedures to ensure that their knowledge, reliability and motivation are up to the standard required by Sulmona Tourist Services.