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Cook and eat!

Though it is often said that Italians spend too much time at the dinner table, the fact is that eating together is an Italian habit par excellence which helps people digest their food, talk together, cement friendships and even ... do good business.

When children get restless during a meal, the classic reprimand to them is: “Be quiet and eat!”.

But Cook and Eat is an invitation to you to take charge of your own meal and enjoy an unforgettable Abruzzo style food and wine experience.

With the help of an excellent Abruzzo cook, you will prepare the tastiest dishes imaginable from family recipes that have been passed down from mother to daughter ...

Full day (7/8 hours maximum)



The charming hill country of Pescara, a land of abbeys and spiritual walking tours


Meet in Piazza Capograssi (on Mondays, Tuesdays Thursdays, Fridays, Sundays), Sulmona. Meet in V. XXV Aprile near the basketball stadium (on Wednesdays and on Saturdays). 


Arrival at Manoppello, where we are welcomed by Giulia with coffee and cakes.

Introduction to the raw materials of the course: flour made from local Abruzzo grains such as farro, solina  and senatore cappelli; and farm-made ricotta and cheeses (including sheep’s cheese) whose different flavours and ripening stages we will learn to recognise when we taste them.

Preparation of large raviolis known as fiadoni which we  also taste during the cooking class accompanied by a white wine aperitif.

Making of almond biscuit desserts known as cantucci.

Making of ravioli or spaghetti alla chitarra and a sauce to put on.


We have lunch and enjoy the food we have prepared accompanied by Montepulciano d'Abruzzo red wine.


After saying goodbye to Giulia and the wonderful hill area  we have spent the day in, we leave in search of  Manoppello and the hinterland of Pescara. Our first stop is the 13th century church of Santa Maria Arabona  (short guided tour), followed by a visit to Scafa for a short nature walk within the boundaries of the Park of the  Sorgenti Sulfuree del Lavino (Lavino Sulphur Springs), and then to a delightful lake whose ever- changing colour going from turquoise to greeny-grey makes a special feature of this small protected area.  


Group photos and return to Sulmona.



Pacentro: the village of flowers …


Meet in Sulmona Tourist Office (Palazzo SS. Annunziata). 


We begin our day at the outdoor market in Sulmona or at a local produce depot to choose the fresh seasonal products we will be using to prepare lunch later.


We get to the Cooking School in Pacentro and are given a briefing on how to go about things. Then we start work. After working together for a time, we have a break and enjoy a welcome and refreshing aperitif before tasting the dishes as they are being cooked. 


Everyone at table! Lunch comprises all the things we have cooked together as well as other local produce (e.g. salami and cheese) accompanied by a glass of superior Montepulciano d’Abruzzo red wine. Coffee and sweet, then goodbyes and free souvenirs for everyone.


Guided tour of Pacentro and discovery of some of its unique traditions: e.g. the so-called ‘Gypsy Race’ (Corsa degli Zingari), an event for young local men, as well as the place’s traditional artistic endeavours such as craft creations in white Majella stone and hand-painted nativity statuettes in terracotta depicting local men and women of more than a century ago.


We take a walk around Sulmona old town, birthplace of the Latin poet Ovid, and see and admire its views, its churches, its other buildings, and its many multi-coloured stores selling traditional confetti (sugared almonds). 



request adults

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The price includes:

- Bilingual (Italian/English) fully qualified guide (whole day service)

- Half-day visits to the places shown on the programme

- Aperitif, meal and 3/4 hour cooking class 

The price does not include:

- Any additional visits

- Tips or possible small ‘extras’ 

Dress advice: comfortable and informal.

Groups: small mixed Italian/non-Italian groups of 4 minimum, 15 maximum. Period: June-September.

Time of week: usually Friday/Saturday, but also possibly other weekdays on request with a minimum of 5 people.

Booking: at least 72 hours before start of visit.

Place of departure: Sulmona.

N.B.: Our guides are normally chosen from our regional lists and are always subject to rigorous checking procedures to ensure that their knowledge, reliability and motivation are up to the standard required by Sulmona Tourist Services.