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Sugared almonds and other confectionery

Two special lessons, two special experiences in a single unforgettable day.

First a stroll through Sulmona, the city of the famous Latin love poet Ovid and of the equally famous confetti (sugared almonds). Then a photographic safari around the multi-coloured town shops. Finally, to complete the morning, a meeting with a true artist with fairy hands who will show us how to make the very best confetti ourselves.  

As we work, we will also have the chance to snack on and sample various different kinds of confetti, and each member of the group will be invited to take away with them the products they have made.

In the afternoon, after a light lunch in the country, we will visit a laboratory of ciambelline and ferratelle, two of the most typical sweetmeats of the Abruzzo region.

This experience is definitely not meant for anyone on a diet but is ideal for all those who love to eat sweet things and to unveil the secrets and customs of the places they visit with the help of those who invite them to learn ... 

Full day (7/8 hours maximum)


The sweet important moments …


Meet in Palazzo SS. Annunziata, at the Tourist Office.


Go for coffee in a bar facing a monument of a type found throughout the area, followed by a walk round the city in search of the best views and photographic opportunities.


Guided tour of an old confetti-making (sugared almond-making) workshop, followed by a visit to another workshop where an expert in using confetti to make flower and bouquet shaped items  shows us how to transform the confetti into petal shapes and then put them together in all sorts of shapes and designs. 


We arrive at Introdacqua and are given a warm farm welcome by Tonino, a person typical of the farmers of the region in his courteous ways and the resilience he shows in managing to produce every year, at great sacrifice to himself, a large variety of cereals, vegetables and fruits from his hillside lands. He also obtains fine wines from his vineyards and excellent virgin oil from his olive groves.

After a short walk in the countryside where all this happens, we return to the farm buildings to see the machines used to extract and grind the cereal from the corn to obtain premium flour. This is facilitated by a small wooden mill built by Tonino himself which comes into action at the right moment in the process.


Lunch with various specialities of the house prepared by Wilma, the tireless resident cook whose food is the last word in inspiration, originality and taste.


We enter Wilma’s kitchen to do dough mixing and to learn recipes for pizza, sweet bagel-shaped buns called ciambelline and special waffles called ferratelle. All of these are made with the Solina flour which comes from that traditional mountain wheat (known as “the mother of all wheats”) and is typically found in the interior part of the Abruzzo region. It is famous for its low gluten content and eminently suited to people with gluten intolerance.


We all get together for a taste of the freshly made stuff we have produced ourselves. Everyone will be able to take home with them some sweets or other products to remind them of the day they have experienced. 


Group photos, goodbyes and return to Sulmona.


request adults

request children (lunch only)



The price includes:

- Bilingual (Italian/English) fully qualified guide (whole day service)

- Half-day visits to the places shown on the programme

- Lesson in the art of confetti making (1 hour)

- Farm lunch and lesson in the art of making local sweetmeats (3 hours)

- Insurance cover 

The price does not include:

- Any additional visits

- Tips or possible small ‘extras’ 

Dress advice: comfortable and informal.

Groups: small mixed Italian/non-Italian groups of 4 minimum, 15 maximum. Period: July-September.

Time of week: usually Friday/Saturday/Sunday, but also possibly other days on request with a minimum of 5 people.

Booking: at least 72 hours before start of visit.

Place of departure: Sulmona.

N.B.: Our guides are normally chosen from our regional lists and are always subject to rigorous checking procedures to ensure that their knowledge, reliability and motivation are up to the standard required by Sulmona Tourist Services.